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The use of water from the water network: an opportunity to save and reduce environmental impacts.

Italy: first in Europe and second in the world for consumption of mineral water bottled in PET L’ACQUA

In 2014, 350,000 tonnes of PET was used in Italy for the production of plastic bottles used to bottle about 12 billion litres of mineral water, with a consumption of 665 thousand tons of oil and a greenhouse gas emission of about 910 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent.

Adriatica Acque

In addition to the environmental impact of PET production, the transport of mineral water must also be considered, as bottles travel many kilometres to reach from sources to consumers, and only 18 of the bottles travel by rail. About a third of the plastic bottles used were collected in a differentiated way and intended for recycling.

The water in the network is the subject of frequent comparisons with the mineral: from the comparisons emerge values ​​fully aligned from the physical and chemical point of view. However, in recent decades we have become accustomed to preferring bottled water to that of the tap, driven by the overwhelming tendency to receive, in an unjustified way, the messages of the mass media.

Census data – Center for Social Investment Studies – updated as of 24/05/2014